For those students who desire a more concentrated course of study in Chemistry, this minor may be accomplished by taking CHE 216/217 and at least three chemistry electives from those listed below.

  • CHE 216 Organic I (with lab)
  • CHE 217 Organic II (with lab)
  • CHE 310 Environmental Chemistry
  • CHE 316 Biochemistry I Lecture
  • CHE 320 Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Lecture and Lab)
  • CHE 322 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  • CHE 323 Physical Biochemistry
  • CHE 370 Organic Quantitative Analysis (Lab)
  • CHE 380 Tutorial in Chemistry
  • CHE 425 Chemical Instrumentation
  • CHE 480 Independent Study in Chemistry
  • CHE 492 Directed Research


一道本不卡免费高清*NOTE: A minimum of three courses in this minor MUST be unique to this minor and therefore can not be counted toward any other graduation requirement.